The region around Allaman is fantastic. It is full of areas to explore, panoramas to gaze upon and activities to do!

To help you make your choice below is our totally subjective list, places which in our opinion are must-sees. It’s up to you to complete it at every opportunity!

Arboretum of the Vallon de l’Aubonne

When: All year round (but not in winter if you want to have access to the reception, boutique, refreshment room and wood museum that are closed during this season).

Why: For a walk in one of the region’s most beautiful parks!


Château Prangins

When: All year round.

Why: Because it’s a Chateau (like Rochefort but bigger!) of national importance: it contains a fascinating history museum and above all has a huge old-style vegetable garden!


Lausanne market

When: Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Why: To buy delicious products or just to wander around the town with the people of Lausanne.


Lausanne Olympic museum

When: All year round, almost every day.

Why: To discover the history and values of the Olympic spirit, to understand why Lausanne is Olympic capital, to test ones strength and speed.


Paddle on Lake Léman

When: At any time in the summer.

Why: To gaze at the panorama of the Alps opposite the Léman, to glide gracefully through the water of central Europe’s biggest Alpine lake.


Paléo Festival

When: July every year.

Why: Because this festival of modern music proposes a line-up as good as it is varied. Because it’s the place to be, if however you manage to get tickets!


Allaman beach

When: At any time in the summer to bathe or any time the rest of the year for walks and to daydream.

Why: Because bathing in the Léman lake is an unforgettable experience. And because such a (free) view of the Alps is worth the trip!


Signal de Bougy

When: From spring until the end of autumn.

Why: Because it’s a super park to discover as a family. Adventure park, playground, trampoline, farm animals, etc.

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