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We select only the best suppliers of fresh products to create our table d’hôte meals and the breakfasts served to our guests. And with our in-house shop, you can even take home a selection of these products!



Vins de Lausanne – Sélection L

A rich, flavourful collection with contemporary accents.




Château Rochefort in Allaman

Harvested for you from the hives of our estate.


Fresh eggs

Château Rochefort in Allaman

Laid by our chickens the very day (or the day before)!

produits de la région


Amburnex Estate

What would a good meal and a vintage Chasselas be without a piece of Gruyère from Amburnex?

Former Bernese property, the Amburnex Alpine pasture was bought by the municipality of Lausanne in 1803. It currently houses more than 200 heads of cattle every year. Approximately ten tons of cheese always made over a wood fire in the finest tradition is produced there!


Meats & Cooked meats

Porchet Butchers and Cooked meats in Bournens

Always concerned with the quality of his meat, Mr Vandelle, who took over the family business, amazes us with his woolly pig sausages and his traditional smoked boutefas.

Taste his famous spit roasted ham at our chateau.



Fishermen Fréderic and Nicolas Clerc in Allaman

We are delighted that the Clerc fishermen propose vendace, lake trout, pike, crayfish and perch fillets fished the same day!



O’Fruitier, Domaine de Roveray in Aubonne, Lise and Christophe Suter

Regional vegetables and fruit, apple juice and grape juice as well as a few cream cheeses or unpasteurised milk… All from certified organic farming.

Delicious, quality environmentally-friendly products that are found with pleasure at our table d’hôte.



Chez Laurene

It’s already been a few years since dynamic thirty-year old Laurène brought her little grocery to life. Born from a desire to reconnect with the seasons and her environment, this company today makes her customers happy … and us too!

Cream caramels, garlic clove pesto or dried flowers to decorate your salads: thanks to her we – and you – can rediscover forgotten or ignored products.



TouThé in Lausanne, Gabriele Bignens

These teas are inviting. Gabriele Bignens offers teas and herbal teas with really fine flavours that genuinely inspire you to dream, relax and travel! Try them… and get away from it all!

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